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Monday, January 23, 2012

Milestones- I've had a couple recently

So it's nearly the end of January already which means that this humble blog is more than 9 years old. That's ancient in blog years! I started this bit of electronic drivel on a whim and because I was submitting interesting, ( hey, I thought so) bits to the very world famous publisher of Possumblog. Terry recommended that I start my own blog to keep from cluttering up his and thanks to the (now) very reliable and (still) free Blogger, I did just that.

So Wasted Electrons keeps on going even if I don't publish things as often as I used to. I've shared my simple thoughts about love and life, guns, politics, wives, kids, cats, scooters, fish I've caught and the ones that got away. It's still fun and I still like sharing my thoughts with those (few) of you that continue to stop by to read my humble ramblings.

I do appreciate you sticking around and being regular readers- both of you!

Another interesting milestone went by this month- my F250 truck is 12 years old! It also just passed by the 200,000 mile mark in the past week or two. This truck is the very first brand new vehicle I've ever owned and it has served me very well. It still looks good- there's a bent corner on the bed that I'd love to get repaired but it doesn't show much and except for a few cracks in the driver's seat leather, the interior is like new. So even though it has lots of miles on it, it isn't going to be replaced any time soon. The truck has been a faithful companion and workhorse. It pulls our camper to Oregon and Fish Slayer to fishing spots and has space more more people than I have friends. Heck, it may turn out to be the only brand new vehicle I ever get!

So there's my milestones for January! And very soon I'll be celebrating another (hopefully) successful trip around the sun. But that's next month!

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